About TumTum Tree

The TumTum Tree Wine Auction is the longest-running charity wine auction in the United States devoted to raising money for children’s charities.


The sole mission of the TumTum Tree Foundation is to provide funds focused on improving the lives of Alabama children. Through America’s longest-running wine auction supporting children’s charities, the TumTum Tree Foundation has donated nearly $11 million dollars toward fulfilling its mission.

The TumTum Tree Foundation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization whose purpose is to produce the TumTum Tree Foundation Wine Auction. The Foundation currently has a 14-member board.


Who we support


Board of Directors:

Peter Curtin, Susan Curtin, Doug Eckert, Stephen R. Hunt Jr, Jamie LeDoux, Stewart Lee, Kelly Logan, Susan Lowder, Ryan Lutz, Jake McKenzie, Danny McKinney, Tom Miller, and Brandon Smith

Executive Director:

Libby Sibley

Members Emeritus:

Tom Miller (Executive Director Emeritus), Joseph Covington, Jr., Tom Curtin, Amy Dobbs, Joey Dobbs, Nancy Ekberg, Ben Johnson, Greg Logan, Sally Mackin, Tony Meyer, Richard Pizitz, Frank Stitt, Pardis Stitt, Kaye McWane-Rosse, Ernie Cory, Denise Brown and Gene Price

Honorary Chairs